Rabbi Rami Shapiro

​8 Points of Agreement and "First, stop playing God."



Cost: $50


Rabbi Rami Shapiro


Online Presentation


Saturday, October 9 , 2021


9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Mountain Time


Scholarships available

Rabbi Rami Shapiro enjoyed a close relationship with Fr. Thomas Keating and was invited to participate, starting in 1984, in the Snowmass Interreligious  Dialogue that was published in The Common Heart.  What a blessing for all of us that Rami will share the “8 Points of Agreement” that emerged from those amazing conversations! 


In addition -- Twelve-Step Spirituality is for everyone, because everyone suffers from the foundational addiction of humankind: playing God. In his presentation on “First Stop Playing God,” Rabbi Rami will use elements of the Twelve Steps as well as insights common to all mystical traditions to explore the notion of playing God and the liberating realization that God is playing us.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, PhD, is an award–winning author of over thirty–six books on religion, spirituality, and recovery. Rami co–directs the One River Foundation, is a Contributing Editor with Spirituality and Health magazine, hosts two podcasts— Essential Conversations with Rabbi Rami, and Conversations on the Edge—and a weekly Zoom “talk show” called Roadside Assistance at the Corner of Tohu va-Vohu (Wild and Chaos). He is an initiate of the Ramakrishna Order of Vedanta Hinduism, a 32° Scottish Rite Mason (KCCH) and the 2020 recipient of the Huston Smith Award for Excellence in Inter-Spiritual Education.