Instructions for Centering Prayer Groups

First go to On the website, you will find a calendar that shows what Centering Prayer sessions are offered that week on the Thomas Keating Chapel. If you hover over an entry on the calendar, you can see when the group meets, who facilitates the group and in what language. If no language is listed, that means the session will be in English. You are welcome to join any group. The calendar automatically adjusts for your specific time zone.
Getting started with online Centering Prayer is easy, and it can be done on most devices that have a camera and a microphone. This includes smart phones, tablets, and PCs.
Now go to the top of the page and click on “Using the Site.” There you will see “Getting Started.” Click on that. Under #1, you will see “site rules.” Click on that, read the site rules. Under #2, you will see “Register as a Chapel User” and click on the link. Follow the steps to fill out the form.
Centering Prayer sessions are via the Zoom video conferencing platform, which provides live audio and video services. If you are using a PC, Zoom will be installed into your browser the first time you enter a chapel. If you are using a smart phone or tablet, you need to install Zoom. You will be able to find Zoom on your app store.
All Centering Prayer sessions will be in the Thomas Keating Chapel. The link is Click on the link and the Chapel page will appear. Bookmark or save it to your favorites. That way, when you want to join a session, all you need to do is click on the link in your favorites.
About five minutes before the group is scheduled to meet, click on the chapel link from your favorites or bookmarks, and the page will appear on your screen. Click “Enter the Chapel.” This will start a Zoom session for the group. If this is the first time you have joined us and you are on a PC, it will install Zoom automatically. You may be asked to give permission for Zoom to be installed. Click on “Allow” and let Zoom do its thing.
When you join the CP session, your photo and name will appear on the screen along with other participants. We ask that your mike is muted during the CP session, as well as when you are not speaking, to help reduce background noise. To unmute your mike, you will see an icon at the bottom of your computer screen with a red slash through it.  Just click on the icon. If you are using a tablet, hover your cursor at the top of the page and a mike icon should appear.