In this six-week course, Fr. Keating continues to expand on the human condition, using St. Anthony of Egypt as a paradigm of a pilgrim on the spiritual journey and shows how this early desert saint’s struggles mirror ours with the false self.  Fr. Keating then takes us beyond the struggle to liberation from the false-self system and from our cultural conditioning. Fr. Keating continues explaining the psychological unloading process that lies at the heart of healing.  


He describes four “moments” of Centering Prayer, during which unloading occurs, and compares the process to an archeological dig as the Divine Therapy takes us deeper through layers of our own woundedness.  


The course will also introduce us to Lectio Divina and the concept of transforming union, as well as the Night of the Sense, which are addressed more fully in Course 4.  


The prerequisites are Courses 1 Basic Centering Prayer and 2 Human Condition.


Before the course begins, please obtain Fr. Keating's book, Intimacy with God.

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