Course 5: Divine Love

This five-week course completes the original Spiritual Journey Series by Fr. Keating.  In these videos, he addresses St. Paul’s “most excellent path” and the agape love modeled for us by the Trinity.  He also shows the role the Eucharist plays in Christian transformation, as well as theological virtues.  You will hear Fr. Keating elaborate on the Divine banquet and dance as our invitation to undertake a spiritual journey that will transform our entire life.  He also will delve deeper into the Divine Therapy and present a response to the Divine Invitation.  This course is designed for those who completed the first two courses in the Spiritual Journey Series.


“The false self accompanies us into whatever lifestyle we choose.”  Thomas Keating


What’s next for you after completing the original Spiritual Journey Series?  Do you want to deepen your prayer life?  When asked this question, Fr. Thomas replied “you might enjoy returning to the basics; that’s what it is all about!”  At the beginning of each year here at the Center, our staff comes together in a ceremony to make a commitment to themselves for their own spiritual growth in the coming year.  For many of even the most seasoned staff members the answer is to recommit to attending the five courses of the Spiritual Journey Series again.  Fr. Keating also recommended that the Spiritual Journey Series be expanded to include Heartfulness, The Gift of Life: Death and Dying, Life and Living, and God is Love.  

The richness of the material presented by Fr. Thomas Keating does not age or lose its impact.  Those of you who have had a Centering Prayer practice for several years will be enriched as you hear Fr. Keating from a new place in your heart.

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